help with griptilian

Jun 19, 2001
Hello all.beenlurking for awhile,sure haved learned alot.I replaced my edc,an old gerber gator with a delica.Real nice cutter, but a lttle small for my hand.Today I brought home a griptilian 550s.Wow very nice. I assume the threads are standard(not metric)? Before I can carry at work will need toget something in the inserts for the clip on the lefthand carry side or they will be full of concrete before the end of day. Might be hard finding torxhead screws that size round here. any thoughts?
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I'd recommend giving BM a call. Maybe they will send you out an extra set of screws. I think the contact in the customer service dept. is a young lady named Angie.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the 550. :)