Help with Kukhri markings????

Hi again from Andy in CT;

Can anyone help me ID the markings on this kukhri type knife?
Its the same type as in Flooks book page 196, plate 465.
The markings are; "REP" "RA" "2.40", the scabbard is marked "1412", and dated "1927"
Its been suggested that its from Rawalpindi, made in Feb. 1940, and its an Indian 1920's pattern.
I have another one, a genuine M43, with a "W" proof on one of the grips.
The last one has a couple of grooves going around the handle, including the metal handle, its only marking is "5125", in the blade, its a typical kukhri, like the M43.
The first one is different.
Please help me ID these fine weapons?
Thankyou, Andy Gordon