Help with Lansky sharpener on CRKT M18-14

Dec 9, 2005
I have been tinkering with my Lansky, using a fine diamond hone, trying to get my CRKT M18-14 (3 5/8" recurved AUS 8 Blade) back to at least shaving sharp, if not hair popping sharp like it was from the factory. The best I can do now is some paper slicing. The blade has almost a chisel grind, as the back side only has a slight grind to the edge. I use the 30 degree guide on the front (left side of the blade), as that is the only guide that hits the whole front edge, anything shallower only sharpens above the edge. I even have to pull it out of the 30 degree guide and run at a steeper angle to get the tip due to the recurve. On the back side I use the 20 degree guide. Afterwards I do a little stroping on cardboard. Any help is appreciated.