Help with Spyderco's!!!

Feb 8, 1999
I am considering purchasing a spyderco knife in the near future. I am torn between the G-10 handled police model or a calypso. Can anybody tell me if there are any decisive advantages for either one of these knives? Also, can either one of these knives be easily disassembled? Any opinions and info will be appreciated.
Spoonslayer, I have both of these and they each have their own unique attributes, however, neither can be dis-assembled. This should not be a problem tho, as it is easy to clean both with hot water/soap and a through drying and relube of pivot/lock areas; sometimes a toothpick helps to dig out the lint etc.
The G10 Police has a very slender but strong blade in ATS 55 that holds an edge very well; the handle is easy to hold on to without it slipping if hands are wet, etc. I havn't had mine long enough to do extended sessions with, so I'm not sure about hand comfort, but suspect it will be pretty good. The blade doesn't have tons of belly to it, but you could clean a fish with it, so thats a pretty good utility vote. Mine is Plainedge and what I prefer for all around use.
The Calypso has even better blade steel: VG10, great stuff, takes and holds a wicked edge. The blade shape and flat grind make it a very efficient slicer, but the blade is a bit wide for paring. My only gripe is the micarta handle. It can be a bit slippery when wet and isn't very comfortable during extened use. This knife needs a G10 or Zytel handle IMHO and then it'd be as handy as the Military (don't get me started on that one
) Whew, that's one of my longest winded posts ever! Hope there was something there that helped.
Thanks for the info Brian!
I was also considering the military, but I kind of like the looks and longer blade of the police model, and it is also a little cheaper than the military.

Too bad I can't just buy both!
I have both the Military and G-10 Police and you'd be well served with either. G-10 is a great handle material, espescially when wet, and ATS-55 is a great combination of edge holding, ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance. The Police is probably an easier package to carry, but I like the Military best. Don't have a Calypso - yet.