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help with tec-loks and master hunter sheath.......

Dec 9, 2005
heya all, does anybody know what size tecloks i need for a cold steel master hunter sheath, i like the knife, but hate how the sheath dangles off my belt when the knife is in it....

the distance across the upper holes is 2 inches and the distance below each other is 1.5 inches, has anybody put a tec lok on the master hunter sheath?



thanks all for the help.
Not sure what size Tec-lok but I had a similar dislike for the belt loop on my SRK so I took some kydex and formed a new one. It was honestly quite easy to do. Heated the kydex up to 300 degrees in the oven. Looped it over my belt and molded it to the back of the knife sheath with some blue camp mattress foam. Then just used the screw that were supplied with the Cold Steel belt loop. If needed I can take some pictures and attach them tomorrow. Really like how it carries now.

Kydex is really easy to work with.

Hope this helps.

Charles Shepherd
yea i would like to see pics of that, at least i will have other ideas to play with..............
On-Scene Tactical (our own Normark) makes great kydex, and AFAIK keeps Master Hunter sheaths in stock.
After I received mine, I tossed the original (leather-ish) model.
Here are some photos of the belt loop I made. For one thing I wanted to just be able to grab the knife and go so I did away with the retaining strap. I also made the knife sit a bit higher for riding in a vehicle, sitting around camp or whatever.

I'm really happy with how this carries. You'll notice two holes drilled in the back. Those are so I have the option of lashing the sheath to a pack or something.





Thanks for looking.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Bladetech made these particular sheaths for the Master Hunter (I used to have one). Since Bladetech also makes the Tek-Lok, it would be very likely that they spaced the holes to fit them.