Help with tight Kydex?

Just got a Hobbit Fang I purchased on the forum. Love the knife!
The problem is that the Kydex sheath is way too tight. It takes a big jerk to release the knife. Is there a way for me to loosen the grip the sheath has on the knife? I love how my KISS comes out of its sheath and would love to have something near that with this.
Thanks for any help.

Oct 8, 1998

You can alter the fit of the sheath by heating it over a stove burner until it is soft, then wearing gloves, pinch the material back into a fit with the knife that is not so tight.

Watching someone make Kydex is good too, it will help give you an idea of what all is going on.

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The steam coming out of a teakettle spout is sometimes a more "concentrated" heat source, and easier to control for a beginner (like me!). I've had good results that way...the basic idea is, SLOW IS GOOD, or you end up with a bunch of "tactical mush" rapidly hardening into abstract sculpture.

Just steam whatever seems tight and do a few draws/reinserts. You'll have to dry the knife right away then let the sheath fully dry inside, especially since your piece isn't stainless.

Jim March
Thanks for the replies guys! It sounds like I might be able to handle the steam. Anything with flame I will screw up. Guess I'll give it a shot right now.

Use a heat gun..If you have a cone attachment it concentrates the heat to your tight spots. Also I use tin foil around the area I do not want to heat.
I just tried a hot blow dryer...and it worked perfectly. Too about 3 minutes to loosen it enough to where I wanted it.

Thanks for all the help. Bladeforums (and -ites) rocks!


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I am a bit late with this.....but someone may find it usefull.
My MD Operator was quite difficult to deploy, too. I didn't want to risk damaging the sheath (I can burn water) so I tried a short squirt of Armorall on the inside bearing surfaces. Worked fine and further mods were unnecessary.

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