Oct 10, 1998
I recently purchased my first "real" folder. Its an EDI with black coated blade. This is a trmendous knife. I cut everthing I could without going to jail or thrown out of the house. I thought I would then touch up my BRAND NEW KNIFE on my BRAND NEW gatco pro sharpening system. To my horror I discovered when I removed the knife the blackened area on the spine of my BRAND NEW KNIFE was scratched by the clamp on my BRAND NEW sharpener. Then to prove how dim I really am I cleaned this wonderful knifes mechanism with a gun cleaner. Now the grip on my BRAND NEW KNIFE is a mottled gray black. I now have a very OLD looking BRAND NEW KNIFE. Anyone know how to restore blackening to blade and grip? THANKS!
Frog, sounds like you used Gunscrubber? I think you are going to have to send the knife back to the manufacturer, and the damage may not be covered by warranty unless they are being nice. You learned the hard way

I always use a protective cloth under the clamp of my Lansky system, and stick with a Sentry Tuf Cloth to clean the blade. Sorry to hear the bad news, I think it happens to all of us on some knife or gun, though. I melted the grips on a Ruger MKII using Gunscrubber.

Grivit! Seriously, I concure your best bet is to go clean with EDI and ask for mercy. E-mail Will Fennell ( and repeat your post here to him. If anyone knows how you can recover it'll be Will or his designer-engineer Micheal Collins.

BTW you made a great choice in getting the Genesis I. I love mine (a plain edge beadblasted grey finish)!

Let us know how you fare.

Bald1 is right, let the manufacturer know you have a problem, can they help? You might be surprised, the guys who made the knife have done the same thing themselves one time or another. I took a HALO2 apart one time (bad mistake) and had to send it back to MT to have it put back together. George was nice enough to do it n/c and even paid the shipping back to me.
I would like to thank you for becoming an EDI customer.

Don't worry, we can/will take care of your knife. First, the blade:-

We cannot warranty blade coatings against scratching, but I am 99% sure thats not what you have, as I have done the same thing myself.
The GATCO/LANSKY sharpening system uses an aluminium 'clamp'to hold the blade while sharpening, and you rightfully have 'clamped' this to the spine of the blade, correct? Well the Titanium finish on the blade is very hard, about 90Rc, much harder than the aluminium clamp, and what you see as a scratched blade is actually a black blade with an aluminium 'stripe'rubbed off on it. A little elbow grease and a cloth[maybe a little oil] will usually wear it off. I understand, I thought the same thing. Now the G-10 scales:-

The G-10 we use[ and 'most everyone else] is black when you get it. Then ,after you shape it into the 'scale' that you want, you bead blast the smooth surface to give it the desired texture that everyone loves. When you bead blast it, it turns grayish -white, as the oils have been blasted out of the top layers of the material. We then have to 're-oil' the scales. GunScrubber is an excellent degreaser, and it has 'degreased' you scales where it contacted them. Been There, Done That, also. Not to worry, just re-apply a little oil, you don't need a lot. REM-OIL, BREAK FREE, even mineral oil from the pharmacy. Rub it in, wipe of the excess.

Now , you are welcome to do this yourself, and you are equally welcome to send it in to us, and we'll help you out. If you want to try it yourself, and if your not pleased with the outcome, let me know and we'll still help you out. Please email me your phone # as I would like to talk to you as a follow up either way to make sure that you are happy.

Best Regards,

Will Fennell
President/EDI Knives
Way to go Will!!!!!

It is great when a maker/manufacturer will come and do some posting on the forums. It is even better when one will take the time to peruse the forums to see if their help is needed.

I am pretty sure that I am out of the folder market (for a while
) but I may make an exception to show my support for such a proactive company.

Take care,
Derek, et al:

I keep telling folks about Will, Mike and their EDI company!

When any company goes the extra mile to ensure their customers are happy they deserve support.

Will even called me at my office to discuss a very minor issue. Will had Micheal replace my pivot washers with their new standard bronze alloy as I had purchased one of the very first Genesis-I knives which had white teflon washers. I am and remain a very happy and loyal EDI supporter!!!!

Was looking at purchasing a new folder in the relatively near future. With such support from EDI over what most manufacturers would consider too petty an issue to bother with, I feel my choice seriously swayed. The only question left for me is do I buy a Genesis now or wait for future designs that will give me more of a choice? (Limited budget, you know...)
You are making me a fan. Bob,(bald1), has raved to me about you guys for a couple of months. After reading this post, I can see why.
Whoops, I wasn't finished. You are right on Will, with your assessment of frog's, (where do you guy's get these "handles"?), Gatco clamp. I personally have never seen the aluminum clamps on the Gatco, Lansky, or others mar any knife blade, (with the possible exception of highly polished ones), and if it does it IS NOT a scratch, like you say, it is residue from the clamp itself. If you are worried about it, or have a highly polished blade, use a thin strip of rubber. It will "grab" the clamp and blade, and will not slip.

Go for the Genesis I now....I suspect it'll be some time before Will has new products out and they may just be a smaller variation of the Genesis. He has intimated that there is a new lockup design in the future but it's still R&D now...that may mean a year off for tooling setup, etc. By then you will have a new budget to play with

Will everytime I either talk to you in the chat room ar see a post on BF. you are always helping people out. So far I think you and EDI have the best customer service outlook that I have seen. You will defenitky have me as a customer now and for a very long time. Thanks for being a friend to the "little guy" you have the outlook of what else can I do for my customer. keep up the good work.