Helping a terminally ill child

Bob Taylor

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Dec 10, 1998
We just received this from one of our contractors

Seven-year-old Craig Shelford is terminally ill and through The Children’s Make A Wish Foundation Craig has expressed his desire to have an entry into the World Book of Records for the largest collection of business cards received by an individual. Go through all those cards you don't need and send them.This is a timely matter so no procrastinating, do it today. All of us whom have had the pleasure of watching our children grow into adulthood should take the time.
Send those cards to
Craig Shelford
Children’s Make a Wish Foundation
430 Perimeter Center East Wind
Atlanta, Ga. 30326

Bob Taylor, Christina Montero, Bob Brothers
After investigating this yes it is a bogus request. This was sent snail mail to REKAT by a contractor. The other knife companies included on this list is a virtual who’s who in the industry. Why did somebody do this? Never underestimate the stupidity of the human race. For the life of me I can’t understand the reasoning of this but then somebody got some cheap thrills. This is a lesson well learned to all the forumites we apologize.

Bob Taylor

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Was the "child's" name Kysa?

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Whenever you get a chain letter like that the first thing to look for is a date. If it doesn't have a date, including the year, there's no need to take a minute to look it up at -- even if it was genuine at one time the kid probably died years ago.

Any dork can start an urban legend, but nobody has yet found any way to stop one. When our descendants have mutated into something not remotely human they'll probably still be mailing off business cards ... if business cards and mail delivery become extinct the meme will mutate into something else ... they evolve faster than we do....

-Cougar :{)