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Henckels kitchen knife

Jun 13, 2000
I just got one of these- 6" Chefs knife - forged, made in Spain. Fit and finish are good, 1/8th inch thick, flat ground, good balance and the edge came up well with the 204. It says 'No Stain' on the blade.

I have used it for a couple days and it cuts well and compliments my other kitchen knives.

My question is...I have no idea what steel this is, will I be disappointed in another week? Did I waste my $22.50 or was it the deal I thought it might be?

Appreciate any comments...

I don't know what steel Henckel uses, but I can tell you that pro chefs swear by them. I've asked chefs to recommend knives for the kitchen, and two names always come up: Henckel and Wustof, in that order. I've been quoted costs of $80 dollars and more (for the larger knives, I believe), so tenatively (not knowing exactly the style and model you got) I'll say you'll probably remain content with your aquisition.
Thanks for the replys guys.

Walt - I always thought they were made in Germany also, it seems they have an 'international' line now, I forgot to say that it says 'J A Henckels International'. I also did not give the numeric string 10221-160. I think that those are the model number and length (in millimeters).

I've used it quite a bit this last week and it still will shave with a little pressure, if all I have to do is steel it a bit everly couple weeks I will be pleased. I also like the way it cuts much better than the hollow ground blade it replaced.

Happy so far...

Thanks again,

Henckels has expanded their line to include "cheaper" knives to hit a wider target audience and get their name in mass market retailers like K-mart/Walmart and similar. I have seen knives made in South America as well.

You get what you pay for so, the question to ask yourself is, where is the point of diminishing return?

Stay Sharp,
As Sid stated, they are making a lower end line of knives now and have been for a number of years. If the blade is marked with "Spain", it is from the lower line and uses a lesser quality steel that would probably compare to a 440A. It will get razor sharp, just won't stay sharp for extended periods. And BTW, their International Headquarters is right near my job, and they put on a Christmas sale every year, bargains galore

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I have a few of the the knives in this line from Spain and have actually been fairly impressed. It was easy to get a nice hair popping edge on them using the EdgePro and they seem to stay sharp for some time. In my experience they hold an edge better than the known 440A knives I have, but not quite as well as my nicer knives made by Wusthof. I think they are a bargain.

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Henckels has been making knives in Spain and Brazil for a number of years. They use a lesser grade steel and thinner stock than the German made ones. But they are still good knives, but not the best Henckels has to offer.

The way to tell what knife you've got is by the number of men on it. One-man blades are either Spanish or Brazillian, two-man blades are genuine German.