Hercules anvils?

Dec 3, 1999
I traded a knife for an anvil the other day. I THINK it has HERCULES stamped into the side of it, but I can't be sure.

Does anyone know of a Hercules brand anvil, and if so, any info on them?

It's welded to a rim and part axle off of a Model A...so it's hard to say the weight. I'm going to guess in the 100-125 lb. range.

Now just to find time to try it out... ;)

Hi Nick,

have you done the ball bearing test yet? If you have then read no furthur. If you havent take a ball bearing thats 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter and hold it above your anvil about 12-18 inches. Drop the bearing, if it bounches to about the same place as you dropped it then the anvil should be in good shape. If it doesnt bounce its a good indication that he anvil has been in a fire during its life.
<font face=arial black color=990000 size=4><b> Greetings Nick.<br> The Hercules anvils are the ones the Road runner used when he ran outa Acme ones! hahahahahahahah....ahahah..hahahahah!!! Ask Wile E. Coyote about how well they work; he'd know! hahahaha...haha..ha...<p>( I think I've hurt myself...)

You know, I just found this thread and I too own a Hercules hand wrought anvil. They are great and if the above test gives positive results then I believe you have a fairly rare piece of equipment. Good find.
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Wow... it really threw me to see a thread at the top of the page with my name on it.

I started forging about 8 months before I got that anvil. It's hard to remember not forging now.

I still have the Hercules... in fact I have been using it since there's plenty of room for it with the Nimba in the new shop. :D
Haha, man, old thread! Nick, you have any pics of the knives you forged on this anvil way back then?