Here are the photos for the slower connection speeds. Tighe Tac by CRK&T

Well didn't work the way I thought it would but the links work fine. Sorry about the looks.



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Hey, some are a little dark, but thanks for the pictures anyway. Having not had a chance to handle this knife it is good to see it from so many angles.

Thanks much for the pics. My community has 28.8 speed lines, and that is that. No matter my PC has the horsepower for video, or that my modem is much faster.

Despite having looked longingly at Tighe Tac pics, failed to notice just how close the clip was to the end of the knife. Love that! Just like the CRKT KFF.

I just saw one these at gpknives. They are are super smooth and the way the zytel is used, it looks like G-10. It is a great deal at $42.
Nice pics! At 40 some bucks, can I assume the blade composition is Aus-6?
Barry H
Thanks for the pictures. They worked fine for me! Looks like my next CRK&T is going to be a Tighe Tac. (Although I think I'd like to see the smaller version.)