Here's a though one ...does anyone have further information on these knives?


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Jun 29, 1999
I recently came across an interesting old knife at a local gun show. Its a Spanish Army issued fixed blade bolo knife with a 5" blued steel blade, integral guard, checkered wood grip panels, and a steel pommel. Overall length is about 9.5". Markings on the blade indicate manufacture at the Fabrica National de Toledo on one side, and a serial number consisting of a letter and 3 numbers (e.g. A###) on the other.

Leroy Thompson included a photo of this knife in his SURVIVAL FIGHTING KNIVES (Paladin Press,1986,pg.3). His photo caption reads "This Spanish fighting/Utility knife is used by Spanish special operations troops." Unfortunately, he provides no further information on this knife.

I haven't been able to find further published information on this knife. After interviewing several local dealers specializing in collectable military knives I have come to belive that these knives were issued in limited numbers during the 1950s, and are uncommon to rare on the US market today.

The knife has a nice lively feel to it and seems like it would have been a very useful camp/field tool.

I am interested in identifying which units the knife was actually issued to, the quantities produced (my currrent guess is up to 20,000 copies), and the period during which they were used.

I like to thank you in advance for your comments.