Here's an interesting knife ID problem..

Apr 7, 2003

Name that knife!


"Popular Alligator Found Swimming With Knife Stuck In Head
Wildlife Officials Investigating Attack On Gator"
More like "Aligator found with popular knife stuck in head."
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The bigger question might be, what happened to the poor guy who owned the knife?! :eek: :eek:
Dumbass. The owner lost his grip. A gator, like a snake, is a lot stronger and harder to kill than might be thought (especially when you aren't thinking) and the gator didn't just die like the stabber thought it would. He snuck and stabbed and the gator whipped away. Bye bye knife. Too stupid to own a knife anyway. Hope he fell out of his boat and momma got him.
I feel SO embarassed now. :eek: I figured this as more of a humor thread, but without boobies or cursing, so I stuck it in Community.
Dangit, I was going to post this... Ah well.

FoxholeAtheist, I'm guessing from the link that you're a fellow Farker?
... If the attacker is caught, the person faces fines and prison time, according to the report ...

No, that is not the Buck 119 that I lost last week ...

I agree with everyone that believes that is a Buck 119.

Poor gator.

edited to add: But at least he has a new knife. :D