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Hey Brian from the land down under.......

Oct 2, 1998
At the last Art Knife show here in Florida I got a chance to meet with Paul Maffi (I think I got that right). He is from Sydney and makes some real far out knives. The sword he made looks like someting out of a space movie. Have you seen his work? And does he have a web site?

I will post pics when I get a chance.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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No, not familiar with him....Living in "the Bush" I am not plugged into the Oz knife scene. Actually, my interest in custom stuff is pretty casual.
But, if he is the bloke featured in "BLADE" a few months back, he does a great sword. At least, I think it was "Blade"...I have been going back through all the recent knife rags but have not, yet, found the correct one.
Maybe someone else has a better filing system ??
But I will make some enquiries, anyway.

Brian W E
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Have only seen the article in Blade, but there seems to be a growing group of knowledgable folks who like his work.

Was that the incredible mirror polished 4 foot sword with several locking blades on the guards and hilt?

If I remember correctly, he was asking $48,000USD. We were joking about comparing the price of his sword to a new BMW!

It was the most memorable blade at a show that had many memorable blades.