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Hey Fireprez.

Jul 2, 1999

I saw in a post that you are going to the NY renaissance festival. Make sure you go to the "Angel Sword" booth, I promise you it will be the most impressive display of weaponry you will ever see. Once you get in the festival, travel down the main path, make your first left and it is right ahead on your left. It is not far from the gate. If anyone else is going, make sure you see this booth, it is incredible. I am not affiliated with them in any way. They even have a website, but it does not do their work justice. Enjoy the festival.


Louis Buccellato

anybody have any directions for getting to this fair? i was once pretty heavy into fencing and really like these things; the one that we have around here is the Pocono Renaissance fair. so i'd be coming from the pocono/scranton Pa. area.
Hi Lou,
Thanks for the tip! I'll print your email and give it to my wife so that when I get "lost" at the Faire, she'll know where to find me.

I've been wanting to go to this place for a long time, but never had anyone else interested in acompanying me. This year I'm lucky enough to have a wife and kids. We're all looking forward to it.
I'll let you know how it goes.
thanks for the info so quick. found the Pa. faire; they have a children's theme this weekend; my daughter will love it so now we have something fun to do this weekend. they have some neat-sounding exhibits also. doubt that i'll find anything cutlery-wise of high quality. although one never knows. thanks again...BTW, this year you have a wife and kids? what did you do with them last year? ha, ha. seriously though, newly married? if so, all my congratulations. a man chases a woman until she catches him.

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Once again, I thank you for telling me about Angel Sword. I went to their booth and was real impressed with their products. Unfortunately, most everyhing offered was beyond my financial reach, but I managed to pick up a "talon". It's similar to a Kasper Neck Knife.
One item I was enfatuated with was what I think was called amace. It was basically a chair leg, highly polished with about 12 tungsten spikes pushed through it. That left it with 24 points that were sharp, and incrdibly strong. I wish it cost less than $1,000 though.

Kelt, hope you had a good time, if you went. As for my wife and kids, we'd met on AOL 2 1/2 years ago, and finally got together last year. They're from Oklahoma, I'm from NJ. Thanks for your kind newlywed wishes.
Well, the clock on the wall's screaming that it's way past my beddytime, but I wanted to get back to you guys.
Talk soon,