Hey folks, I would like to TRADE my EBLT for a different Strider, anyone interested?

Oct 9, 1998
First, this knife is awesome. I bought it directly from Strider Knives at the end of February. If I were on a SWAT or tactical team I would definitely keep it. As it is, any fixed blade I carry has to be concealed under my uniform and this is just a little too big. I find myself carrying my little MFS more. For the field (yeah, Air Guard Security hacks get to the field) I like a little bigger knife. So anyway, the EBLT is mint condition, carried few times but unused except to shave a little patch of arm hair when I got it. I am interested in trading only. I do not want to sell outright because it would take me months to get another Strider. I am not trying to make or lose money. If I have what you want and you have what I want then let's just trade. I am looking for the following models DB, HT, AR, GB, BT and WB. I really want a DB. I will consider others, but only Striders. Thanks.

Thanks to all who responded and especially to Joe E. Knife is spoken for. Lewis