Hey GUYS....Becker?

Is this what you are talking about....


Just showing off some new pics.....BK&T BRUTE!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery www.camillusknives.com

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I have the Magnum Camp.Pulled that dude out and did a job on that turkey on Thanksgiving.Love it.Going into knife drawer and get another for the camp vehicle.


have a"knife"day
I've got a Tac-Tool. It hasn't seen a whole lot of use yet but I think it would hold up to anything. My arm would probably break before the knife would. The one thing that really suprised me when I got mine was how sharp it was. I knew I was ordering a sharpened prybar but was amazed that it was sharp enough to cleanly shave hair off my arm when I took it out of the box.
Lot of Bang for the Buck.

Solid construction and materials in a working package that the average guy can afford.

Stay Sharp,
I have the Companion and Magnum Camp and personally, I think they are just awesome knives for the money. I like the Companion so much I'm going to have a new sheath made for it to combine my hunting knife and the Companion into one package. Love to take the Companion hunting. It will chop of the heads and feet of small furry things quicker than a cat can lick it's...whatever.
Good chopper without banging into your knee. Both the MC and the Companion are great for small chopping chores like this and for helping you make your way through briars and thick woods where small limbs can poke your eyes out. I like 'em so much, I'm eventually going to get all the Becker line! I can't see a downside here. Will has these things priced just right for those who want big knife quality but can't afford big knife price. One other note, I love the extra security strap on the kydex sheaths. I had some bushes pull my Mean Street right out of it's kydex awhile back and damn near lost it! Kydex is ok but because of the kind of places I go hunting (heavy brush and thick woods), I like the security of the extra snap.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I've got the Brute and I really like it. It's big and one heck of a chopper. The day it arrived I removed it from the box and headed for a fence line. I chopped for about 45 minutes or so. Saplings, limbs ect. Dosen't work well on small stuff but I didn't expect it to. This knife will chop heavier stuff very well. I even chopped into some scrap 4"x8" oak and walnut and did not get any vibration or twisting. Just large chunks of wood flying! Love the handle too.

I bought this knife for camping and look forward to using it next year.

I like this knife alot and for it's price I think it would be hard to beat. Dave

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Two thumbs up on the entire Camillus BK&T line. The Brute is my favorite. Great all-round blade.

I too own the Brute. I love the knife. It has been throughout the greater Upstate NY area. From clearing a one acre field for camp, to clearing a four mile, hardly used truck-trail to GET to the acre, the knife NEVER disappointed! In fact, I no longer refer to it as a knife...I ask for it by NAME. In the Navy, they call the diesels on Subs CLYDE, due to its toughness and reliability...SO I CALL MY BRUTE CLYDE!

"Pass me CLYDE, man!"

Steve in NYC

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I have one of the old Becker Reinhart Kukris. Sheath is lousy, but damn, that 15" blade really packs a wallop on vegetation, and takes a razor edge.