Hey guys, figred I'd show ya the neat little belt pouch I found.

Sep 24, 2006
alright, I was walking though a certain,... home department store the other day, and saw this little thing on a corner of an isle. So I picked it up and thought, you know I could use this for the things Im always looking for, but have them right on my belt! genuiss, I know. Anyways, I wanted to show it to ya'll. ( here it is beside all my other gear :) )


Its a great little kit, I holds much of the things I wanted, and I even put a small survival kit into it.
Now here are the contents.


There we go, now the plastic case is the small survival kit, with various survival stuff( you all know what goes in one ), and the fire starter i just picked up the other day, its from kershaw, and its actullly not that bad.

Now heres how the contents ride in the case.


That would look great strapped onto my big-knife sheath :thumbup:
Simply UPS it, I'll do the rest. :D

What are the dimensions?
I dont about the "new grohmann" but its the #4. I like it alot actually. Its not flat ground, or carbon steel for that matter, but its makes no diffrence to me. It cuts well and takes a nice edge, also I like the military sheath it came with, as with the normal folding tab sheath, you slowly, and not purpose, cut off the tab.
The #4 and 110 make for a great combo. I've had a flat #4 (stainless) for a couple of years, and love it, but I have to get that military style sheath. I have one for my #3 that I alternate with my Vanguard for a smaller blade.
Who makes that bag you found? It looks like "Kunys" or "Kings"?
yeah, kunys, this is scary. I have all the same knives, and rotate them in the same way. Although, i'm going to try to use my #4 as much as possible, I find I have a problem not using a knife long enough, and then buying a new one. Knife colletors syndrome I guess ;)
very nice..:thumbup: simple yet elegant..:cool:

i keep my PSK in a big very similar, only it's just a tad bit bigger.. it is made by a company called, new sun designs, i think....
haha, only 10 dollars, its a cheapie, but I looked over, and well. And it doesn't mention china :D
that pouch is a great idea...i got a midsize camera pouch for the same purpose...really a great idea for keeping the essentials together and right there. i also keep my "micro med kit" in there; bandaids and whatever. i also keep some nice things like earplugs and spare batteries for the light. these have come in handy more than once...
I actually wear a small pack of batteries (2) around my neck to keep them warm in the winter.