Hey!! I dig SOG knives!!!!

Mar 2, 2000
Rather than welcoming you, I'm going to say, "it sure took you long enough"
I think I own more SOG production knives that any other production knife, so you'll be seeing me quite a bit around these parts. Just recently I complained to you folks about how much I love the Vision, but HATE the clip. Well, I'll seeing you around, or rather, you'll be seeing me around.
Have a great day. =----------------Ed

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Hi Ed,

Sorry it took so long getting here, so let's make up for lost time.

I did get, and responded to, your email regarding the Vision clip. Yes, we are always looking at a variety of changes and upgrades we can make. The current clip, for the most part, has got rave reviews. But there have been others, like yourself, who have thought it weak. The three knives I carry the most are the Vision, Pentagon Elite, and the JetEdge 2. Personally, I like the clip style of the Vision and Pentagon Elite because it stays on my pocket better. Some people have shared concerns about its strength, but from the low number of defective returns we have received, as well as testing we have done, it is remarkably strong and we have seen a very low number of returns with broken clips.

I know our Research and Development department is looking at this. We'll see what the future holds.

Thanks for your well thought out email.


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