Hey Mike Turber and anyone else-Spark, stay outta this thread, PLEASE don't read it


Feb 26, 1999
Spark had a birthday.
Spark got nothing.
That sucks.
We can't let that suck.
I know what he wants.
It's Taurus and Titanium.
I'm in for what ever it takes up to $50.00.
We need someone to collect the money.
I suggest our Moderator James Mattis.
There are 2616 members here, if half are lurkers, and the other half only kick in a buck, we got it made and then some.

Count me in for a few $, hell I get more than that from Spark about my constant AOHell bitching! Taurus and Ti? I thought blond and leggy...
OK I'm in for a few, I'd just rather have the S&W, but what the hay.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Yeah, I'm in too. I can go up to $25 US.

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I'll be glad to help, and kick in a modest sum on my own account. I suspect that Mike Turber would be a more logical "bank" if the present were to come from his inventory, which is a lot broader deeper than mine (unless we're getting Spark a puukko, that is). If the present is an auto, it's better that it should come from "next door."

Taurus Titanium revolver... hence my sideways question as to which one
which... uhhh... diameter(cal.)?
They come in .38 Spec., .357 Magnum, .44 Special, maybe more, not sure. In either all or partial titanium.

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E-mail me with an addy on where to send my $30, Spark deserves it.

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I'll got clean the house right now to earn a few bucks to send. Just tell me where and when you want it.


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

Well here's how it happened. I saw the Spark man on ICQ late yesterday and wished him a happy birthday, belated of course. I asked him if he got anything good for his birthday and in his own words, " Not a damn thing". Now we can't let that go by. The guy just puts in far too many hours to make this a happy place for us to visit. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten up at 3 or 4 in the morning, logged in to the net, and have seen Spark on-line via ICQ.Now he isn't what you would call an early riser, and when I ask him 'sup, he alwys says he's fooling around with some setting or another in here. Now I think that most if not all of this is off the clock, thats just the kind of guy he is. I was hopeing to get a better response here, as one of the things Spark mentioned was on his wish list was a Taurus small frame revolver in .357 Mag. He mentioned the Titanium version. They retail for $500.00, so we need that much to get one for him. If we fall short, depending on how much so, maybe we could still get him a custom, like a Mattis original
or a Cetan. With Mike's vast stock of factory stuff, Spark is surrounded by factory stuff all day, so I figure something along the hand made line would mean more to him. Anyhow, spread the word around to anybody you can. Jim, you've got my e-mail so keep me posted. Lets get more people behind this. Spark deserves it.

I'll chip in $20.00. Let me know where and when. I would guess that our bagman better be in Florida to avoid interstate firearms transfer hassles.
This should count for my good deed for the day. Where do I send it?
Count me in for $25. It's a cheap price for the ride we're getting thanks to Mike and Spark
God Bless Spark, count me down for $20.00 as well, where do we send?

Send the $$ to Mike Turber.

I edited this to reflect Mike's offer posted below. if anybody already sent anything to Jim, I'm sre it will find it's way to the appropriate place.

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