Hey, where you from? Great, me too!

Mar 14, 1999
It's interesting, and suprising, to see how old everyone is and what they do for a living. I was also wondering where everyone actually lives.

I myself am a Florida cracker, born and raised. Now living in sunny southwest Florida, where the average age is about 65.
No problem though, it just makes me look (and feel) younger!

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I live in "The People's Republik of Maryland". Semi-rural Westminster to be precise, but grew up(from 10 yrs on) in urban,big city Baltimore.
I live in Spokane WA.

I have lived a good number of other places too.

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I'am from New York!But I'am from upstate NY about 90 miles north of the city.Its not the Adirondacks but still plenty of good hunting here.Later,RS
I'm in sunny California, where at the moment it's a little too hot.

Brooklyn currently. Ann Arbor, MI when at school (1 more year), then somewhere in NYC after that.

Toronto suburb.

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Hey Tombstone,

Nice to know I'm not the only knife knut in this area. (just northeast of you).

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I'm from Juneau, AK but I reside in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA now. Anyone from Kenai? Great email when the reds and silvers are running please
Live in Sun Valley, Nevada, just North of Reno, Nevada. Lived here since 1972.
Born and raised in Oregon.

I live just south of Tahlequah, Okla. and about 70 miles east of Tulsa. Country living and clear lakes.