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Hey will ya give a new guy some help?


Jul 15, 1999
Hi there I am an avide outdoorsman and love knives! I got my first one at 6 and have todate about 20. What I am posting for is that I love to write and would like to do knife reviews and write-ups about them for magazines, books, etc... but there is one small problem how do I start? Is there anyone out there that is willing to take a chance on a new guy and let him test their knives? Please help me out! Thanks.

Welcome to the group.
As for your request......there are about 3000 of us ahead of you in the queue..<G>

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I think one of the only people here who gets knives to review for free is Dexter Ewing; I suppose you might want to check with him about how he started out. You might want to check the knife review forum and see if there is a pre-existing thread about what you are looking for. My guess is you would have to start out by making yourself known to companies and publishers by attending conventions and shows, and make the effort to spend your own money, craft your reviewing style, and then present your work to companies and magazines in hopes they will appreciate your pre-existing reviews and perhaps hire you are a reviewer. People never hire writers unless they have a substantial body of work to back up their supposed talent, proof is the best way to make yourself shine as a quality writer. I do not review knives, but I am a writer, and a film student. It is similar in the way we both have to prove ourselves time and time again (I turn in videos, storyboards, and written work of all kinds) before we are given space to create. I hope this helps.

Robert Joseph Ansbro

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Ask Dexter and Cliff stamp, he does a lot of reviews too, as does Joe Talmadge. I'd try with them first, they'd have the most know how on this subject...
There for awhile, it seemed to me that Steven K. Dick of Tactical Knives was writing editorials every other month telling aspiring knife testers to forget it, only the most experienced outdoorsmen and knife users need apply. Then he would publish one of his own reviews about trimming weeds in his back yard, or going out to his garage to cut some rope: yup, cuts rope! Ha!

Seriously though, if you just want to write about knives, right here is a great place to do it. If you seriously want to publish in the magazines, learn to take some nice photos and spend some time figuring out what really matters to knife nuts. I especially recommend the articles by Anthony Lombardo as good examples to emulate. If you just send in submissions that say, I hacked at this, I hacked at that, the pivot screw is .2475930" in diameter, you won't get a glance.

Hope this is helpful,

Also, if you haven't already, start taking writing courses, High School, college, whatever or wherever you can sign up for them.
Do it.
You'll be amazed at how much there is to doing this stuff correctly.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I think Steve is right....start writing about knives right here. Your learning curve will be higher, you will get plenty of practice and feedback. If you write long enough and stay involve in the forum you will be surprised how many opportunities may come your way from getting a good deal on a knife, meeting new friends and perhaps getting the attention of a maker who would like you to test one of their knives.

It has happened to me.


Nice to have you with us