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Hi BF.com

Jan 5, 2007
I would like to introduce my self to the Bladeforum community you can address as holyfine or hf. I am a new active collecter of knives i currently have a bear butter fly knife and a e500 leatherman linerlock. I have been collecting since i was about 5 with small daggars from my grandfather but now i am an active collecter i have several knives but i do not know thier names so i will not post them here but I just wanted to say hi the the community and introduce myself and hopefully some freinds that can share tips with me or techniques with the butterfly knife aka balisong. and btw i am a boy so you can refer to me as a he
Welcome hf. There is an identification area where Mr. Levine can help you identify your knifes. He needs a scan of the markings for proper identification.

It's a great site. Enjoy. :)