Hi, Introducing to ArtisanCutlery

Artisan Cutlery

Nov 15, 2022
Hello BladeForums community,

We're excited to introduce ArtisanCutlery/CJRB, a brand dedicated to crafting premium knives for discerning enthusiasts. Our collection includes folding knives, fixed blades, and specialized tools, all thoughtfully designed to meet the highest standards.

As we join the BladeForums community, we look forward to contributing to discussions, learning from your experiences, and sharing our own. We will also keep our other media channels updated, bringing you any new developments as we happen.

We invite you to visit our website to explore our lineup and learn more about ArtisanCutlery/CJRB. Your feedback will help us continually refine our offerings, so please share your thoughts on our knives.

Thank you for welcoming us to BladeForums, and we look forward to connecting with you. For any questions or information, feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
I usually open carry locking knives or fixed blades, but when I want to legally conceal a knife in Florida, one of my favorites is the ArtisanCutlery Small Archaeo Detent Lock Flipper Knife 2.875" VG-10 Raindrop Damascus Blade, Burgundy Micarta Handles - KnifeCenter Exclusive - 1821NLS-DRC. The pin is a clever idea. Action is great for a double-detent knife. The handle is slim but feels secure in my hand. The blade and handle are attractive.
Welcome! Good to see Artisan join Bladeforums. I really like the new button lock models CJRB has been releasing. I actually have a prototype of the large Pyrite on order as I type this.
This is great! I have multiple AC and CJRB that are carried everyday. Combo the Sirius and the Maileah and i am covered! Glad to see a presence here!