HI khuk, Charlton Damascus, SOG Pentagon

Dec 26, 2003
Continuing my effort to pay some bills (where is that violin-playing smiley ?) I offer the following for sale:

- Buyers in U.S. only (sorry).
- Email me if you are interested.
- USPS MO preferred for payment. Paypal + 3% otherwise.
- I'll ship USPS Priority, insured, with delivery confirmation.

Here they are:
1. Himalayan Imports Chitlangi 18" Bura
brand-spankin' new. Received in late December, beautiful work, never used, barely had a chance to admire it. I'll offer it for what it cost me to buy -- SOLD

2. DamascusUSA Charlton model V-10 "W.F. Moran", wood handle, leather sheath. Mint condition. It has been living in a box in the closet for 15 yrs or so, wrapped in a cloth rag (not in the sheath).
A pretty, quality damascus blade in a cool design. The Damascus USA website sells these for $245 - I'll sell mine for $175 $150 plus shipping.

3. SOG Pentagon with leather sheath, mint condition. Never used, never sharpened. These are no longer made, if I am not mistaken. It has been keeping the Charlton company for about the same period of time. $90 $80 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking!