HI Swords

Sep 2, 2004
Has anyone had the chance to compare the HI Swords to the Cold Steel swords. I was watching the sword proof video from cold steel and while I know its a shill for the company, it was pretty cool. The one that impressed me was when they cut the phone book with just pressure from the sword (the guy put the edge on the phone book and using both hands just pushed throught the book).

Since I have become nearly obsessed with HI lately, I'm sure its swords are awesome, but the cold steel stuff seemed pretty good and prices if you look around pretty much comparable.
Let me first state that I am in no way a Cold Steel hater. As a matter of fact, the only products i have more of than cold steel is HI. However, i would take the cold steel swords with a grain of salt. Sure they are flashy and fancy and blah blah blah, but I have also noticed that several of their products have started to go downhill in the last few years. I'm not a sword guy. i know nothing about them other than to keep your fingers away from the sharp part and not to swing them inside if there is a low ceiling involved. However, i do own a Bura kat that i love. It has actually replaced my sawn down baseball bat for bump in the night duty. Cold Steel's stuff is much more traditional than HI's with the rayskin and tsubas etc, but as far as performance goes I have no doubt that if you were able to have a Koster edge put on a Bura kat that it would outcut the CS by a wide margin....that's just a guess on my part though. there are several sword guys in the forum that will know for sure. I say, for the kind of money one CS sword costs go ahead and buy 2 HI swords. OR, if traditional is to your liking, get a Chin kat for about the same price. IIRC, they have pretty good QC when you get into the upperend stuff.

Thanks. I only own a couple of cold steel products and they are fine. the videos are fun, but kind of cheesy (i don't care what Lynn Thompson says, I ain't stabbing no lion with no assegai!)
For the money I think that you would be happier with a HI sword or for the price of a Cold Steel sword a really nice Paul Chen sword. The basic Paul Chens can be found for about the same price as a HI and is more "traditional" if that is important to you and are pretty nice sword for the price.
Isn't it Cold Steel that makes a khuk that is less than great? If their swords are the same, I'd go HI.

I don't think you can get a better sword for the price than HI. That's just from reading, not beheading.