HI, Whittmore, Case and Gerber

Jun 19, 2007
Got a few for sale. All prices include shipping, delivery confirmation AND Paypal fees. Paypal payments only please. First "I'll take it" posted in this thread or by PM gets the knife. Please note shipping methods vary, no point in selling a knife for $15 if it costs $5 to ship it.

First up is a 19" 28oz Himalayan Imports Dharane Chitlangi by Bura. The handle is sasital with brass fittings. Slight rust marks I have Flitzed near the tip. Other than that it is unused. Included sheath isn't the one pictured, I got so many khuk sheathes I grabbed the wrong one for the pic. $85 shipped Priority. Drop to $70.

Next is a Whittmore EDC with osage scales. Comes with leather pouch sheath. I have convexed the edge on this one. I believe this one is 1095. $45 shipped Priority. *SPF*

Case red bone long pull trapper. Very light wear from storage and unused. $50 shipped Priority Drop to $45.

Gerber liner lock knife with cordura pouch. $15 shipped First class.

The Cody Lundin book, "When all Hell Breaks Loose" is also for sale. $12 shipped media mail.




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