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Dec 28, 2006
Well im new here and i thought id introduce myself. im a 16 year old who lives in Montana, and have had some cheap pocket knives and stuff but mainly bummed my dads buck knives off him. I hope to stay around here and learn a thing or two about knives from you all.


Also i noticed CJ buck and another employee of buck are on this website and i want to give a little thanks. I've been using my dads buck knives for a while and used his Buck Ranger this year to dress and clean my first deer that i've ever shot, and it worked great! Still had a sharp edge afterwards too. My dads been using bucks since basic training in 1978 when most of the battalion bough buck folding hunters at the PX and used them all throughout training. And now hes got me addicted to them as well. He has the buck special and a buck rush signed by chuck he got in a silent auction in missoula, MT at a charity dinner as well as a buck ranger. His folding hunter got stolen in about 1990 much to his dismay.

I recently stopped stealing my dads bucks much to his happiness and bought the Short nighhawk which i plan to use as a camp and hunting knife. I was thrilled to find this for $39. In a couple years i plan on joining the Army and also plan on taking this with me. Thanks Buck :)
Great post. I wish you well in the future. I was in the service myself from 1974 unitl 1978-USAF Buck products willl serve you well now matter where you end up!
Great story Joe and welcome.
If you end up at Ft. Polk, LA and see an old MP sporting a 110 from 1976, it's probably mine ;)
Dr Z says " Z~bucks feaver seems to be stricking zem at a younger and younger ages... hummm "

"zer have been reports of z little babbyes wits z bucks clubns membor ships!"

"beware my young mans , zer bes no cures for z buck fevers o either kinds..."

"it is z life longs affleactions... "
Hey Joe...welcome aboard.

If you guys are close to Missoula you are only about 2 hours away...you should come to Post falls and take a factory tour. You could get Dad and I to sign your nighthawk.
Im over in Bozeman now, In a little over two months I will go through post falls and i will stop by, thanks and hope to see you then Mr. Buck.