Hidden Knives?

Feb 9, 1999
Well this weekend we are moving into our new home...and a not so funny thing happened! We have been packing the last few weeks. First off my lovely wife found a Buck Oddessey I bought hid and forgot about! "SO WHEN DID YOU GET THIS?" Ahhhhhhhh,oh a while ago..."Well why is it behind the stereo?" Must have fallen there I said...yikes I whinced...So you have so many knives your hiding them? Ahhhhhhh? Secondly I packed all my knives in a box..Wrong, this gave my wife the opportunity to veiw and count my 47 implements. Some with the sales slips tucked neatly inside and prices on the boxes!!Well she took to doing a little figureing while I was at work...(over$5000.00 that is countable) She even found the receipt ST JAMES printed me for the used Sebenza #170 I sneeked in a while ago_OWHHHH....I AM IN the dog house, no actually I will probably have to sleep on the roof of the dog house, cause she says I don't deserve a warm dry place.I have been told if I buy one more knife, I will need them to sell to pay a lawyer....What am I to do? Can I sell and buy..but I love them all and I know I will fall off the wagon!I was wanting to send in my large Sebenza(broken tip) for a new part serrated blade to be installed for $100. Does this count as a knife purchase? Whats that bumper sticker say? MY WIFE SAYS IF I BUY ONE MORE KNIFE I CAN LEAVE, can't remember the rest...
Help forumites I need some ways to deal with this fearsome altercation..Must I cease and desist?
Your fellow compulsive knife disorder forumite


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Sounds like your in trouble.I would think that buying a new blade for your knife would count as a knife purchase.Selling is allways good in these situations.I've been there before.I know it will be hard but you'll have to hold out for awhile,maybe sell a few,and before you know it you're back to your old habits.Works for me.
scott w
Well, Bartman, that gave me a real gutwrench!!!

All I can say is sell & trade. I have a hard time saying sell, so maybe just trade.

Hope you recover ok from this unfortunate discovery situation.
The answer to all your troubles is to give your wife the "knife bug." A difficult task, but a worthwhile one. Try opening with a classy little knife, like A BM Pardue 850 or 330, or a Spydie CF Cricket or the 3/4 size Jess Horns A.G. Russell offers. Get her hooked and pretty soon she'll be asking what you got for her when your new knife arrives. My girlfriend is a knife knut and she never complains at my purchases, just insists that her collection keep pace. Try "his-and-hers" collecting with knives that come in two sizes. Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you.


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several possibilities. By the way, I bought her he BM 850 (pretty pardue) but I still am not of the mind set that she wants to see what I have. You ould try getting a different job making double your curetn money, but easier said, right?

You can perhaps do a better job of hiding, perhaps even hiding in plain sight, or at least not keeping the receipts. I do not collect except as a using collection, so she does not know what they cost. If you are going to buy to relieve those voices in the head, give it to her, buy her a new kitchen piece, go to tiffany's instead and get her a new necklace. You gotta get out of the dog house for a while. Porbably do not buy yourself a new knife for a while....

I have the Bagwell on the way and will be ecstatic to have it arrve, as will she oddly enouhg, but I told her about it right away, then I set out to reserve the money for it immediately. This keeps being spent on lesser items but in the end I will have it and sh wil approve. maybe a policy of strict honesty with her will help. At least honesty about items over one hundred dollars anyway
Gentlemen, it's time us knife knuts stood up for ourselves. If we were to add up how much money our wive's spend on makeup, getting their hair done, that latest outfit that they just gotta have (every week), those damn Beanie creatures- we only spend a fraction of what a wife is capable of spending. At least our knives will last forever compared to makeup and hair products.
I, for one, am not going to stand idly by and say "Yes, dear" any longer. It's time to put a firm foot down and [WHACK]
.....Yes, dear.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

First off, hiding stuff is generally not a good idea unless you have a _really_good_ spot and you keep all your stuff there. Multiple hidey-holes are much more subject to inconvenient lapses of memory. I don't mean on the top shelf of the closet, either, I'm talking about under the floor

Next, you can point out that the knives are investments and with luck will go up in value in the years to come.

Finally, maybe you should consider selling knives yourself as a little side business. You get to play with lots of knives, make a little extra cash you can use to buy knives with (at wholesale prices, no less) -plus- your wife won't be able to tell the difference between which knives are yours and which knives you're selling
Time to start trading.

I'm glad I'm not the only one hiding knives
were you trying to think of "My wife says if I buy one more knife she's going to leave me. Damn I'm going to miss her!"

I have to change to a handle, I think my wife is lurking out there somewhere

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It's one of the classic signs of an alcoholic when you start to stash bottles around the house. Time for a reality check. Are you addicted? Are you just telling yourself that you can stop any time you want?

Or do you just need better hiding places. May I suggest going to Goodwill and getting some large dull books like "Accounting Principle" and hollowing them out for knife stashing. The cover story, if found, is that they are hidden as an anti theft measure.
Getting religion sometimes helps. Remember that old western where the "preacher" pulls a SAA Colt out of a Bible? Christian bookstores often carry Bible covers with art by a Currier and Ives style artist named Thomas Kincade. The large sizes hold a Glock Longslide or a Blackjack ( Randall clone ) 1-5. They also don't have the "tactical" look of the black nylon fanny packs. Buy two or three identical ones, even going so far as to actually keep a Bible in one prominently displayed.

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This is not a logical argument. It is emotional. Forget about any comparison between the cost of makeup and the cost of knives, about knives as an investment, etc. Besides, a marriage is not about who spends how much money on cloths or knives. It is about two people who care about each other.

First, you were wrong to try and hide the knives from her. That's not being open and honest. Now, she has to suspect everything you do and say.

Second, just moving is a bad time. She is emotional and excited and nervous at the same time. Just relay. We'll talk about the knives later, after everthing else has settled.

Third, since you are moving into a new house, I surmize that you have not collected yourself out of house and home. Your knives are not going to be your financial ruin.

Finally, very calmly, not as an argument, you have to explain to her that you are a knife collector and that this is something you enjoy. Remember that part about two people caring about each other? Well, she needs to understand that if she cares about you, then she has to allow you some freedom to pursue your hobby.

I have the solution to your problem, donate all your knives to charity, (me
), and tell her it is a tax deduction. Of course you will have visitation rights...

Just for the record tho, Gollnick pretty much said it all.

I concur with Gollnick (Chuck). I had the same problem for a while, and approached the situation just the way Chuck suggested. Now, years later, most of the knives in my vast collection are gifts from my wife. (Nice ones too, Stephen J. Rapp's, Jerry Hossom's, JSP's, Bob Lunceford's, rare Blackjacks, etc.). I can't wait for Christmas, there may be another custom under the tree...

"A fear of weaponry is a sure sign of neuroses."
I also have to say Gollnick said it right.

I hope everything works out for you. Besides, if that's the biggest problem your wife has with you, I'd say your knife collecting is not THAT big a deal...you could have been hiding a lot worse things than wonderful knives.

Good luck and take care...and tell 'er Jim says yer cool!

Well Folks..first let me say THANK YOU
for the support....Mr. Chuck(Gollnick) hit the nail on the head...Well actually all of you did in one way or another!!It really wasn't about money(well yes it was) it was about being honest and doing things behind her back..
We are in the process of moving this very moment...actually I 'm in an empty room with this computer....old house. We just bought a new custom built 3000 sq. ft 3 bed/2.5 bath home with a loft and unattached 2 car with a work shop, for my motorbikes and stuff. So we do have our life in order...(bigger mortgage now though)And I do have alot of knives, but not as many as she has shoes..opps there I go again, sorry. She did buy me a Starmate for Fathers Day!! Well we talked and set up some rules...She was pleased that I so easily agreed with her.(boy did I agree)
... I cannot purchase any knives without her knowledge, and I must match the cost of the knife in the investments account or I don't buy...That Simonich Cetan I was about to order,will now cost me $450, boy that hurts! This is to make me think about how much I need the knife, she says? I must also disconnect that secret visa card I have.(got busted on that too) Well, I can however trade and sell without the burden of this agreement(she said the damage was done) So the story has a happy ending..I do feel better and less guilty. Well guys the moral is to be truthful and no white lies....Communication is the key to a happy relationship (and keepin them happy) YIKES, did I say that? Well I guess I will survive..Now where's that catalog, Boy I'm gonna miss her!! (just kidding)
Again thanks for listening!!