High complement!!!

Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
If you've been keeping up with the community forum, you'll know I dumped my bike last Monday. No biggie, sprained knee, it's healing fine 9 days after.

But Tuesday night was my regular night at the Dojo, Dale Seago's Bujinkan Dojo of San Fran. And I was too beat up to ride, never mind do Taijutsu, so I EMailed him, told him what happened, said I'd probably see him at the Thurs class if only to sit in.

So that Tuesday, Dale mentions what happened and some wit pipes up with "I'll bet the CHP was pickin' up knives for HOURS!".


Jim March (for the record, everything stayed sheathed, holstered or pocketed...AlMar 5.5" folder at belt, Vaquero Grande front right pocket, pepper spray in my own kydex on belt (now on it's way to Mike for eval), Myerchin A500 up left sleeve, Gerber Multipliers. Damn...it does add up, don't it?)