High power flashlight

Jan 22, 1999
Looking around for good high power flashlight , Ultra Stinger with 75000 CP , looks respectable .Any suggestions , comments ?
I have one of the regular Stingers. It has replaced my 4D Maglite that used to stay by my bed. I plan to get a polyStinger for the car.
All in all the regular is a great light.

Ultrastinger is really good, both for output and size. I have one of the first few produced, adn it has worked perfectly, except for a cracked lens, but I'm not sure how that happened...

Stingers are nice and would be excellent if they'd simply pebble their reflectors the way Surefire does.
Without the pebbled reflector the Streamlights produce a very uneven beam with light and dark rings and hotspots.
The Surefire is more money but to me, well worth it.
I don't have an Ultra Stinger so i can't comment on it;but i have these
1-Photon 2:the perfect key ring light
2-Streamlight Scorpion: for the glove compartment or bedside
3-Surefire M6 Magnum Assault Light:has 2 lamp assemblies for 225 lumens or 500 lumens.This is the brightest handheld flashlight made.I haven't seen the Surefire rechargeable 10X yet;that will be interesting.Anyone have a 10X ?
By the way, for more info, e-mail Tim Flanagan at noreastknives@bigfoot.com. He is a moderator on the Forums and great on service and price.
I hate to suggest this, but whilst I thought the SureFire M6 was the brightest non-rechargeable Flashlight, this title may have been taken by the UKE LC100 Light Cannon. HID produces a beam of far higher colour temperature (approaching Sunlight). Whether the LC100 puts out more light then the M6 MN21 beam or has just brighter, whiter, more intense light I don't know.

People have mentioned that the UltraStinger produces an impressive amount of light, but the beam is not SureFire in quality. This may not be important to you, but the beam quality is often more important then the amount of light output. The SL35X beam is roughly the same output ~20W as the SureFire 12PM N62 Lamp, but the quality of the SureFire Beam is significantly better.

The SureFire 10X puts out more light then the M6 MN21. It is unfair to compare the 10X to the UltraS since the UltraS appears to be going for bang-for-buck whilst the 10X is going for options, and aimed at those who use a variety of light levels, and can have their various illumination needs from one flashlight. The 10X rapid/smart charging, and the ability to have another battery body on charge whilst the 10X is being used is another example of how the 10X is a tool for those who want and need various levels of quality, affordable light with the ability use & charge batteries quickly and easily.

The UltraS is impressive I've read, and your needs maybe met with this flashlight. Try and see it and compare it before you buy.

For defensive use with a handgun, I'm absolutely sold on the Rogers techique. That translates to SureFire Z2, C2, or M2. If you're thinking about a tactical flashlight, do try out one of those lights with the Rogers technique, that might sell you right there.

There are comparable lights in the SureFire 3 series that also provide for Rogers technique -- that is, Z3, M3. These are much brighter, M3 gets up to 225 lumens.'

I notice no one in this thread seems to have the ultra stinger, just the regular stinger. I've herad somewhere that the ultra stinger gets the candlepower ratings up partially by tightly focussing the beam, making it less useful generally. I'd love to hear someone confirm that or not. It's a very interesting light if not.

Now I'm no expert on handguns, so I'm interested in whether my assumptions are correct or not.

The UltraS is a big, heavy flashlight with a near Bezel switch. If produces a longer range beam, and I would think that in a Low light/no light environment, using a handgun for longer range targets is not the most accurate. The 12ZM is shorter, more light-weight, and designed for maximium light output with a beam that can be used for internal close range illumination.

Where the 12ZM and UltraS differ is that the UltraS does not make a good close quarters illumination tool compared to the 12ZM, that does not have the runtime to offer the more "duty" style runtime of the UltraS.

A more narrow, more intense beam (such as what I've read the UltraS has [no photo comparisons yet I notice]) allows the UltraS to be more useful for illuminating at longer ranges, but the poor beam quality compared to SureFires means that potentially, using UltraS could give you tunnel vision and fail to illuminate the whole surroundings. Now I would think that often, the target will not be bore-sighted in the centre of your beam when you first turn on the light. Having a high quality surround beam allows you to more quickly locate target and these factions of seconds could prove vital in the encounter.

I am sure the UltraS is a worthy comparison to the MagCharger in terms of output for the same beam quality, but for a more high-risk situation in which targets must be identified with only short bursts of light, a higher quality beam is vital. The ability to use the light is often more important then the amount of light.

If you cannot illuminate the target properly with an 8AX or the polymer version, the 8NX, the target is beyond handgun range.

I have 2 Surefire's and the Ultrastinger.
The Ultra is a great long distance light, the beam of light is focused very well with virtually no hot spot or black ring. At about 15 yards the wall of light measures about 6 feet across and there is almost no secondary ring of light. As a tactical light I think it's too large. It is great when I have to BLAST through window tint during a traffic stop. It is also great for area searches outdoors as it will light up for great distances. For general use there are better lights.
The bad part about it is there is no rapid charger available. The light quality is great. If your looking for a "combat" type of light you may wish to consider something along the lines of the 2 cell Scorpian or 6P. They are light , easy to carry, will provide more than enough lite to fight by and are very handy . I carry a surefire G-2 on my belt and keep a scorpion in the glove box of the car.
For a flashlight that is meant to be used, having a spare battery and rapid/smart charger as standard already give SureFire users huge advantages. The ability to use the same battery and charger for three different models is fantastic.

Regardless of how bright etc a flashlight is, having to wait until the next night for it to charge is no help. Atleast if you have a 1-2hr charge time and a spare battery, you can use your flashlight all night.

Thanks for options guys , I just compromise situation and got Surefire 9P and Ultra Stinger (Stinger is on back order due huge popularity and believe attractive price ).
Dominator 10X looks very interesting and this will be probably my next purchase.
Thanks again