High pressure propane regulator selection.

Nov 29, 2000
Right now I have one of those red ones on my 250 gallon tank that (I think) allows for maybe up to 15 lb of pressure? Is there something that will even give me more pressure? Seems like I could use it as when the tank gets a little low, like maybe down to 30 or 40 gallons, I'm not getting the heat that I need. What are you folks using? Any links appreciated.
Higher pressure from a nearly empty tank doesn't really work very well, especially at the BTU output that forges generally use. You can run a BBQ(20k BTU) down to nearly empty, but a forge(70-200k BTU) will ice up and stop evaporating the propane under 1/4 full.
Right, I understand that's true of smaller tanks of course, but this is a 250 gallon tank. I've still got like maybe 30 gallons in there right now and I'm just not getting the pressure I need to feed the forge.
Ah, yes, sorry I misread the post as lbs instead of gallons. Not sure what the connector type is on a 1000 LB tank.