High quality display cases for your collection - a recent find

Oct 14, 1998
Like many of you, I have gone to gun and knife shows for years. I have seen so many display cases that I rarely notice one unless it is really expensive with premium qualities (wood, fit and, finish ....).

The other part of the problems is that when I save up enough money for one of these display cases, I also have enough to purchase a custom knife so, I end up with yet another knife and still don't have a good show case for display other then my pocket and safe.

I had the good fortune to make the trip to Little Rock, Arkansas for the knife show a few weeks back where I met the good folks at Forrest Bogg Sales.

These cases are among some of the best non-custom cases I have seen. These are not the common run of the mill gun show cases that are seen so often with a flag or pin collection inside. These cases would be more at home in a museum or a formal dining room.

I spoke with the gentleman at Forrest Bogg Sales for a long time about the cases and this is what I remember after the long drive back. These cases are made by an Amish man who does custom cabinets in high end homes. He uses the scrap lumber left over and his skill to craft these display cases. Prices on the large display cases are around ~$140 to $160 for an 18X36 inch model, smaller models started around $40. Normal woods are Natural Oak, Walnut and, Cherry with "special" wood from time to time as materials become available.

The Cherry cases really caught my attention. They were stained with a very light stain that really brought out the natural grain and beauty of the wood. Fit and finish of all the edges and joints was flawless. If you are looking for a way to display your knife collection without exposing them to the tender fingers of children and the curiosity of adults, I can highly recommend these cases.

Their contact information is:
Forrest Boog Sales
31857 McGirk Avenue
McGirk, MO 65055
phone: (573) 796-3817

Stay Sharp,
Knife dealer