Hiking with my GSO 4.1

Nov 11, 2014
So I decided to "work from home" today. Woke up nice and early and made the woman some lunch so she didn't feel too bad that I was "working from home" and out the door I went.

I brought a couple of my friends along for the hike so I wouldn't get lonely:

After busting my a** on the trail:

I decided maybe a walking stick would be a good idea, so I used my Laplander:

And my GSO 4.1 to put a bit of a point on it for better grip:

Once I got to the spot I was looking for I dropped my pack, made some feather sticks, started a small fire and had some breakfast:

The view here is great:

After breakfast we did a little sightseeing:

And on the way out we stopped to enjoy the calming sound of running water:

All in all I would say it was a productive day. Man I love working from home! :cool:
Great pics ! Looks like a beautiful spot . It also looks ALOT less like winter than it does here lol I've got another 2 1/2 MONTHS before it looks like that in the woods around here :(

Still can't wait for my new 4.1 to get here though . That'll warm me up :D
I was thinking the same thing, looks just like my surrounding area, minus 3' of snow. Thanks for sharing.
Nice pics of the scenery and your blades. Which Kershaw is that?

If that is working from home, I wish I had your job =)
Thanks guys. We've been lucky this year in New York in that winter hasn't hit us hard (knocking on wood). I've been able to get out almost every week. Mike-the-knife the GSO 4.1 is an awesome knife, was my first outting with it and at first I hiked in with it in my pack thinking it would bother me on the belt but once I put it on I was surprised. Very comfortable and even hiked out with it on and didn't even know it was there.

Silver that's the kershaw blur S30V. I find the assisted opening really helps when I'm wearing gloves and/or my hands are dirty or frozen.

Thanks for looking guys.
Nice hike, but next time show pics of the fire and breakfast too.

Beautiful hiking spot you got there!

Poromenos I'm glad to hear you like your 4.1 so much . Seems everyone who has one just thinks they're great . Mine is in the mail on it's way and I'm ramped up to get my maulers on it LOL .
I just LOVE my GSO 5 as a hard use knife (that's still not big and heavy) , and even though the GSO 5 is just one step up in size from the GSO 4.1 , I think the 4.1 will still seem considerable smaller , lighter and maybe even better for some tasks .

Once I get mine I'll take them both out on a snowshoe hike . Maybe build a quick shelter and a fire to put them through their paces and post some sort of review here .