Hmmmm....New bm42


Jul 8, 2001
Is it just my new bm42A or is it that when they are new they squeek A LOT !!!! I mean the squeek is getting really anoying. Should I put some wd-40 on it until I get my miltech or should I deal with a week of squeeking ? Or is there something else that wont hurt the bali but yet stops the squeeking ?? Thz ahead to all that re-ply.:D
Squeek? Wow. I've never seen that. Are the screws to tight? Certainly, you can use a bit of WD-40 or other light oil. When you then get a chance to switch to Militec-1, you can easily clean that out.
What should I use to clean out the wd-40? Is there anything else I can use to stop the freaking :barf: squeeking :barf: ???? Other wise I am extremely happy with my pretty penny going to someone else for my bm42A.:D Thz ahead Gollnick and anyone else who replys to this poor guys squeeking new bm42a.:( (But its new:D )

Brian - Oh yeah the screws are tight but not tooo tight.
My 42 squeaked REALLY bad after a few days of manipulation from lack of lubricant. I ordered the militec-1 and it was better than new!

I would not use wd-40, I would hold off until the militec-1 comes in.
Thz payback that was what I was thinking there. I dont know if I can handle like a week of squeeking though lol. It really hurts my ears.:mad:
The thought no one wanted to hear. Put down the 42. There, I said it. Pick up any other bali.

Well, hear comes the hate replies. :rolleyes: