Hogs and Rats For Sale!! Come Get Them!!

Oct 30, 2005
All prices include shipping in the US only.
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Leave your email if you want pics.

1.Busse Game Warden $275.00 just added
Never used or carried. "Fried" Fish Model

2.Swamp Custom SAR $SPF
Never used or carried. Green G-10 handle similar to the fish GW.Blade maked Swamp Rat Custom Shop.

3.Swamp Howling Rat Varient $SPF
Never used or carried. 5 serrations,RecC handles, blade marked Swamp Rat Custom Shop.

4.Swamp Howling Rat $SPF
Never used or carried.RecC handles leather sheath inluded.Not sure what generation this is.

5. HideAway Knife $SPF
Never Used or Carried. Claw style, S30V steel, size 4.40, heat treated by BOS, artist James Coogler, also includes Hide Away Bro Clip.

6. Rat Trap Folder$SPF
Carried for about a week, used once, never sharpend, in brand new condtion.
Sorry for your loss!

Would you please send pics of the SAR to: stealther at gmail dot com
If anyone ever wanted a HAK (#5) they should jump on this... help a brotha out and avoid the 6+ week wait i had to go through for mine... Its a fun, useful piece
emails replied to....Ill be of line in about 10mins. till tomorrow, at that time I will reply to all ??? and pic requests, sorry but just cant figure out how to post pics on the blade forums....
Thanks for the quick picture. Here it is for others that requested it. I'm not a serrated guy or I would grab that SAR.