"holiday treasure"

May 22, 2000
We got back from holiday on the coast on Sunday. The first week of holiday we spent at home, relaxing, going to malls, going out for breakfasts and movies, that sort of thing. In that week I bought an Endura trainer, one of the older ones without the holes in the blade. Nice.

We spent the 2nd week at the coast. Now a while ago I was contacted by a guy from South Africa who was living in the States. He was coming back soon and wanted to know if i wanted anything... so i gave him a shopping list. I hadn't heard from him for almost a month. So it came as a complete surprise to me when he phoned me on Friday to tell me he was in country and just 30 minutes away! I went to see him the next day and got my Temperance fixed blade, White Endura and Spyderpack, all of which I had never seen in the stores here. A very big WOW for me and a great end to a really nice holiday :D

Thanks a mil Gary :thumbup: