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hollow handle ideas?

Aug 25, 1999
I know that I saw a thread on ideas of what to put in the hollow handle of my "survival" knife, but I'll be darned if I can find it! Any help?
Well, that depends on your activities. I suppose that in SOME situations it might be nice to have fish hooks in there (EG when you are purposely going out on a survival trip with JUST the knife. First aid is always a must. Matches are, as well. I too have read a lot of different takes on this. I simply don't have any use for such a knife, and wouldn't bother putting much more after that.

Lonnie-funny as it may seem, I just got done reading an article in a handgun mag where the author stated that he indeed had condoms in his "Y2K" kit for carrying water! My thoughts were (1) hope they weren't lubricated and (2)now I finally have something to do with those "Magnums" I bought!
A good non-lubricated condom has a wide variety of uses in the field, and really breaks the ice at parties