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Hollow verse Flat grind, Which do you like?

OK, Lot's of pro's and con's on Hollow verse Flat grinds! Without getting into an argument on which is better or worse, which do you like better?

I put my vote for Hollow grind.
Oct 12, 1999
Flat. Most of my cuts are going all the way through something and I get a smoother cut and less resistance with a flat.

I used to be a flat grind nut!

After thinking about it while and some testing this is my take now.

On folders I like a LARGE hollow grind.
I went to a 14 in wheel. This gives me a full width hollow grind that is semi flat. It adds strength being a bigger wheel.

On big knives I like flat!

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I like them both and if done right they both work very well. Even like the full convex grind alot too.
Flat Grind. I usually carry 3" blades and flat seem to cut better on general utility stuff that I use it for...Ed.
I like both. I prefer aflat grind for deep cutting, and a hollow grind for everything else. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
Hollow grind. I've got one of Darrel's hollow ground Apogees, and it handles slicing chores with laser beam-like efficiency. Seems to allow for a more precise edge when it comes time to resharpen- or maybe that's just my impression.


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Both -

Like everything else about a blade, it depends on the intended use.

My personal pref, other than for skinning, is a flat ground.
Hollow for precision cuts, flat for all-around utility, choppers, etc. I like the looks of hollow ground blades.

I too prefer a flat grind for most cutting chores. But a hollow grind does seem to take a slightly keener edge, so I can see it being better for cuts that don't penetrate up to spine depth. I also like convex grinds, but that's a whole 'nother story.
Most hollow grinds are sabre grinds. For a general-use folder, if it's between a sabre-grind hollow or sabre-grind flat, I'll almost always pick the hollow. But my fave overall is usually a full flat grind. If you're going to do a flat grind, do it all the way to the spine; if the grind only goes a little ways up the blade, you gotta go with hollow.

That depends on the size and end use of the knife.

If its a small util knife that will mostly be for cutting thin objects, or opening boxes ect... then I'd prefer a hollow grind.

Larger blade for slicing through stuff, or chopping....Flat.


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I'd have to agree with Darrel Ralph. A large, or high hollow grind. Looks sexy, and aids in keeping the narrow profile for a sharp edge througout the life of the knife when sharpened excessively.

Daniel D.
I used to insist that all my single edged knives knives have flat grinds and still try to when I know the knife is going to see heavy use. Then I ran into knives that were hollow ground with a big wheel (what Darrel said).

I am sold on them on some smaller fixed and large or small folder designs.

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