Holy grail, Batman!

Man, I'd take blem volt over many, many new knives out there today. It's such a classy beast! T'was one of my first grails!
I'd totally shell out the money for a volt... But the tiny pocket clip just ruins the whole knife for me. Whats up wit dat?
I think it's one of the most stunning-looking folders with the nice profile and the symmetry of the composite pattern on the blade and handle.

Perhaps not so functional so a "safe queen"?

6. Kershaw Volt 3600 #198 -- OK, now here's a flipper that just doesn't flip nearly as well as it could. When I first bought this bad boy, it was smooth as silk, but slower than molasses. I've since put some teflon washers in it and lubed it and it will open with a bit more speed, but its nowhere near the performance of the newer flippers. Also, the shape and tiny pocket clip and the slick felel makes it hard to get a good grip, but when you do, you end up pressing the lockbar, and this knife is REALLY finicky about anything even looking at the lockbar wrong. I really feel like if they were going to make this knife a flipper, they should have at least put some thumbstuds on it, too. Knife is beautiful as can be, but I just don't find it functional. I said I was gonna sell it when I got my 0600, but I haven't decided yet.
Definitely one of my favorite Kershaw designs of all time. Wanted one so badly that I shelled out $395 for a blem. :eek: