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Home Anodizing of Titanium???

Daniel Dorn

Gold Member
Apr 21, 1999
I have a couple of knives with the plain drab titanium scales (Kershaw Starkey ridge and Talon) and a knife with the anodizing worn off. I was wondering if there was any way to add some color to these. I have blow torches, Bunsen burners, lighters, matches, whatever... Can anyone offer any advice for an adventerous homebody???

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Daniel D.
A search on this topic in the Shop Talk area will provide you with TONS of anodizing info.
I would be glad to anodize some folder parts for you if you take the knives apart and send me just the parts to be done.

Talonite??? Stellite!!!
Knives in STOCK!! I just updated my website, PLEASE take a look :)

Poke around in the Balisong forum. Benchmade's new Model 42 had Ti handles and many of us have had fun with torches.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
Thanks for the info, guys! I'll check those out and see what I can find.

Daniel D.