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Hope to get an estimate for a pair of fixed blades?


GAY FOR CANADA. (Bi really)
Aug 26, 2006
Hi everyone. As a longtime knife enthusiast I've been slowly edging towards ponying up the funds to get a pair of knives made to spec for myself. Recently, I decided that early in 2007 I'll take the plunge.

So, I've decided to start entertaining quotes for a duo. I hope I'm not bothering any of you fine gents too much with this request.

I have some terrible sketches ready, and the specifications I'd like to see. As you're all much more knowledgeable that I am, I'm open to suggestions; however, I think I have these set to my ideals.

The first knife is to be a utility/combat fixed blade along the lines of an upscaled, beefier Benchmade 155SBK, which I adore, but think I could modify to my purposes. Here's a sketch of what I'm thinking:


I'm looking to get this done in D2 or S30V; I'm leaning heavily toward D2. I'm thinking a stock thickness of around 1/8" or 3/16"; the purpose of the knife is as a heavy use/abuse fixed blade oriented towards combat.

I'm looking for nice, thick 1/4" black G10 slabs for grips, with some kind of texturing that offers a really positive grip. Hopefully the edges could be rounded a bit, too, to fit gloved hands better.

The joiners can be Torx or allenhead; either is fine, but must be black as well.

The finish should be black or non-reflective and non-staining. Durability is important but I've never trifled when a scratch is present here and there over the course of it's use.

The second blade is to be a backup/anti-disarm weak side knife. I have dreamed this up with a horizontal kydex belt sheath in mind that allows me to draw it backhand with my left hand, for tracking across an aggressor's lead arm; it needs to be extremely sharp and I need to be able to maintain that.

Here's a sketch:

I'd like to see it in S30V steel. Sharpness is the main part here; I want a nice, long flat edge in a chisel grind (feel free to convince me otherwise on my chosen grind; I defer to wisdom on this) and I want a REALLY sure grip. The grip slabs of black G10 need to be EXTREMELY positive in gloved and/or wet hands; this is a last-ditch knife that cannot fail and must be drawn quickly and pulled from draw directly into a backhand slice.

Black G10, black finish, please.

Recently I've also considered adding a ring hole to the back of the grip to facilitate en even more positive grip; feel free to weigh in on that as well please.

Clearly, I'd also like a pair off sheaths in kydex, but that can be discussed later. At the moment I'm really interested in getting advice and hearing quotes.

I appreciate EVERY second of time you spend on this and you attention and effort have my greatest thanks. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and quotes.

If you'd prefer to contact me by email, my email is daniel.finnamore@gmail.com

Thanks again!
Wow guys I'm really sorry! Here, let's try this again.

FIRST KNIFE: Fixed combat/utility

SECOND KNIFE: Fixed backup