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Hossom and Draper again


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Oct 19, 1999
Hello, and welcome to Elvis' heartbreak hotel
this review is long overdue and I am appaled that it took me this long to post it.. but I got some great toys in the mail today that really inspired me so here it is..

the first knife up for review is my Hossom Millenium Spyke. This is one of the first double ground spykes ground by jerry Hossom http://www.hossom.com/ and I really like where's hes going with these new designs.


here's another more detailed pic of the knife and sheath combo:

I was presented with this knife by none other than Mr. Hossom in his grand GA estate
and i Hear it's been persoanlly field tested by him.. apparently he slowly poked a 1 inch hole in his thigh while bouncing the point on his jeans while checking mail without even realzing it.

The blade is 6 inches long and is double ground to a NOTHING point.. having attempted to grind a knife first hand (I have the burn marks on y thumb to prove it) I have had a HEALTHY RESPECT for jerry on grinding this point.

The edges on this knife are not razor sharp and arre probably not meant to slash.. but just looking at this knife you KNOW what it's designed for. My palms just sweat holding this knife because of it's evil radiating from it (it also gives me the goosebumps cause my thumbs burn whenever I look at that point) If I have this effect on myself what more on the customer on the business end of it? I really don't need to talk abou tit much the pictures do the walking.

To those who havent seen or handled any of jerry's knives this thing is light and the grindlines crsp and sweet. now.. draw yoru atention to the nasty skullcrusher pommel on the end.. very scary and I think adds smmetry to the knife design.

This knife came ot my hands without a sheath and with nothign more than a skeletoniz handle so I took the task of wrapping the handle japanese style with silk ito over nylon paracord. I do believe the outcome was excellent.. woudlnt' you agree?? (crowd grows silent) hnnn.. okay okay tough crowd..

To hide the monstrousity that was my handle wrap I had master sheathmaker Matt Draper http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~soo/draper/ dip the wrap in his trademark alien skin finish. What resulted is a verysoft, smooth and comfortable near organic feeling finish that just cant be explained by mere words.

And what knife woudl be complete without a Draper sheath and carry system?


I woudl liek to thank my nice weblackey for posing for the above pics.. I took delivery and was honoured with the opportunity to test out Draper's new prototype shoulder pit rig. It's barebones and not very pretty but it works and dos it work well. I;ve worn it for a full day and even took afternoon naps in them with no problem at all. Shifting and riding was not an issue with this setup.


the same pic as before you might notice Draper's trademark alienskin sheath that matches the handle of the knife quite well. As I have mentioned time and time again (I feel liek a broken record) Draper's sheaths are compact, comfortable, silent, and most of all DO NOT feel like kydex sheaths. They work like kydex but have the feel of leather in the best compact package a mad genius can deliver.

Draper executes all these traits and then some with the most minimal loss.. it is almost as if you can have your cae and eat it too.. definitely half the fun is designing a sheath and rig job with Draper as his sheaths o beyod eing accesories.. may I be so bold as to say that they're artworks and toys in themselves.. and ehre I kid you not. I have neve been dissatisfied and his sheaths are the standard in which I judge all my sheaths.

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Just imagining what kind of comments that would get around here, especially given how people react to a mere 4" of Benchmade Spike.

--JB, bowing before death incarnate

Great review, SB! That is possibly the most wicked looking combo I've seen.
And that handle treatment looks excellent. Congratulations!
Sniperboy, that is one hot looking package. That was a great idea to put Matt's 'alien skin' over the handle wrap- that's gotta provide for a terrific grip.

Seeing the pic of yours makes me drool with anticipation. I saw the tremendous potential for a beautiful but small, concealable EDC blade the moment I saw the first pics of Jerry's new Snakebite series. So, I ordered something that I've been wanting for a long time- a unique Snakebite with a Hossom Stiletto profile blade and full Japanese handle treatment( tsuka-ito over same and silver menuki). I am going to have Matt make me a leather covered concealex IWB sheath for it like the awesome one he did for my Challenger.

Here's to great minds thinking alike

Enjoy that wicked little Spike!



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

Got to be the most wicked/evil-looking blade I've ever seen.

Seems to me the only decent thing for owners of the Spike is to always carry Depends, to offer those whose innards liquefy at such a sight.

May have missed it, but what material is the sheath made from? I was glad to see the rivet or whatever at the sheath's end. The thought of that point suddenly popping through into my armpit at least moves me to a jello-like consistency.

Another great Hossom knife!
Thanks for the nice review and kind remarks. I honestly do hate those knives. Grinding to that point is as masochistic as anything I know of. It tooks weeks for the skin to grow back on my thumbs.

When I heard that Sniperboy had asked Matt to put Alien Skin on his wrap I was appalled. He does really good wraps and while Alien Skin has a nice feel and is very functional, it isn't exactly pretty. Having seen this now, I think I like it a whole lot better than normal resin coatings that are sometimes used. In fact, I have a couple projects in the offing that I think will make good use of this combination. Thanks guys.

For those who have never seen SB's wraps, here are some of my Snakebites with his wraps, including silver beads and menuki.


Jerry Hossom
The New Tom & Jerry Show