Hossom Stilleto and Draper Python


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Oct 19, 1999
So what's a nice girl like you doign in a place like this?? yep bad puns lines and blabbering fanatical reviews from me
I am sure you got enough from my last post about Hossom and Draper so I'll keep this short and sweet.


I have had this knife and heath for some time now but I just put off a reviwe for ages.. what crime. The knife is Hossom's Milenium Stilleto model 4.. Ihtnk.. a 5 inch ATS34 blade with a semi sharp false enge on top of a deceptively sharp main edge. the handle is made of white micarta.. one day when I get the guts up i will scrm the handle on this knife. but it just seems wrong to marr it you know.

Originally I was planning to have this blade on my draper Pit rig but adter a while trasnfered it to a kydex paddle for in the jacket pocket carry.. an elegant cocktail party knife if I shoudl say so myself

Draper knew of my love for white handles and python skin and the result was a snakeskin laminated kydex sheath orf traditional draper flair

a fine pair don't you think?

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Hmmm is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Very nice combo! Jerry just keeps putting out great stuff doesn't he?


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Incredible!! That knife and sheath really complement each other. Congrat's to all involved in this project!
Wow! I have to agree with Richard. The whole handle/sheath package looks like it was designed from the get go to make one completely beautiful statement. I love ivory micarta scales- they are so traditional and classically elegant. And that is some drop dead gorgeous sheath work by Matt.

Sniperboy, I am beyond envious now. I find your hoarding of this many Hossom blades to be piggish and morally repugnant...I can't wait 'til the four I have on order are finished




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