House cleaning: Getting rid of those darn right handed sheaths!!


Nov 30, 2001
Hey guys, I'm finally getting rid of the right handed sheaths in my collection! Been trying my best to wear a "standard" sheath and its just not gonna happen. Soooooo, heres what I have so far, theres a few more in there somewhere, all have been on safe queens and/or very lightly carried, my main user is already a lefty and is what made me finally go all lefty. :D

First is a Tan/Brown fade sheath for a Straight Handle Steel Heart, fatty (between 1/4 and 5/16ths) Mid ride belt loop, and its Kydex/Fusion! 85.00 plus shipping.

and the back

***SPF***Next is a black high ride sheath for a Satin Jack Tac, uhm, yea, thats about it, nice heavy sheath and I love the grain on this one. 65.00 plus shipping***SPF***

and the back

***SOLD***This one is for a Meaner Street, Dark brown, round bottom sheath with an X loop on the back, looks like a tool pouch on the belt, snaps in nice and firm..... 55.00 plus shipping***SOLD***

and the back...

***SOLD***War Boar high ride sheath in black, the snap strap goes over the spine and locks the knife in nice and tight, and out of the way when opened, plus it swivells out of the way as well, War Boar not included. 55.00 plus shipping***SOLD****

aaaand the back.....

oops, too many images, time to make another post..........
Another War Boar sheath, this one is a randall style pouch, holds the knife in very firmly, Tan on the front and black on the welt and back. 60.00 plus shipping.

and the back

This one is for a Police Recruit, tan leather, X loop on the back, round bottom sheath looks like a tool pouch, this one pops as it comes out of the sheath, nice and firm. Again, knife not included 50.00 plus shipping

aaaaaaand the back

Heres two sheaths for the Scrapper 6, stitched on my Tippman Boss hand stitcher, one Brown one Black. 50.00 each plus shipping

Thats it for right now, bills are a looming, need fundage to ward them off. :D

PM or E-mail with questions and/or offers. :)
War Boar high ride is sold!
Meaner Street Sheath is sold!
Satin Jack Tac sheath is SPF

Looks like Buckman beat Stabber by one minute! :eek: A rare moment when someone beats Stabber to something!

Will that sheath for the steel heart fit an E handle steel heart?
Sorry crouchingrooster, that sheath would swallow a SHe, its longer, wider, and way thicker than the SHe. It would flop around inside.
:eek: :D Yer right Leatherhog:D In this case if Gravelface is not takingf the SHSH I'll take that one please sir:p
Satin Jack Tac sheath is SPF

Looks like Buckman beat Stabber by one minute! :eek: A rare moment when someone beats Stabber to something!
would like to have back sheath show in pics for WAR BOAR rt handed please letm me know if you are making more-gerry