How about a forum project knife!!

Jan 11, 1999
Remember the the talonite project from the bald1, Rinaldi and Simonich?

Remember the currently planned forumite blue Native from Spyderco?

Let's go a step further.

Let's get organized and dictate the features we would like to see in a prod folder. And get a mftr to make a run of 500. Don't we have the purchasing power to do that instead of waiting to see what they're going to give us? If we can agree.

There have been a lot of posts about what someone would like to see. A lot of threads about blade design and grinds. We could compile these opinions and see if we can reach an ageement on the features. In these various threads there seems to be a lot of agreement already.

Since wild grandiose schemes come naturally to me I'll go out on limb and try to start it.

I'll try to pull from what I've read in the recent threads.


The axis lock is a good thing. I know, here I go with BM. But in spite of quality problems in the past the new Axis and Pinnacle look pretty good. Definitely a superior lock.

Handle design

We like index finger cutouts. Secure grip, superior control, ambidexterous. We don't want our finger sliding up on the blade.

A good ergomonic rounded off handle and butt to fit the palm for reinforced strikes. Maybe notches for the other fingers like the MT Kestrel or the MOD Hornet.

We prefer the thumb ramp (a small one) on the blade not the handle. Actually I could go with notches on the spine and no ramp, but let the majority decide.

Thong hole of course.

Handle material could be AL with grooves, no kraton (the kraton falls out when exposed to solvents). Or it could Ti liners with G10, but give us a better grade G10. Like the stuff on the Nimravus. Rougher, sculpted, maybe a greenish black color.

Blade design

Most of us seem to prefer a point in line with the thrust. Most us seem to prefer a flat V grind.

Shape will be controversial, but I'll throw something out. A flat V ground spearpoint, similar to the 3.5" blade on the Busse Mean Street. Lightfoot also had a 3" flat V spearpoint. No false edge. Make it as wide as possible for the handle.

Steel? I could go ATS-34 tempered correctly, but would prefer BG-42, neither require coatings. This will be tough to agree on. Lots of people like others; M2, A2, 440V, etc.

We don't want a bead blast finish, it rusts. Satin or brushed finish. I mentioned brushed as an alternative in another post today.


Gotta start somewhere. I'll though out 3.25" blade and 4.5" handle. OAL 7.75".

Butt mounted clip for either side.

I suppose asking for large bronze bushings is going to far, but let's find out.

Oh yeah, forgot the stud. Ambi thumb stud so I can kick it with my thumb. Or ambi disk. I can't kick a Spydie hole.

OK, I'm gonna stop and post and see what happens.

Add to it, or shoot it full of holes. Whatever. I won't be offended.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it