How about a pic of yourself

Jun 10, 2001
A little off topic but it would be nice to put a face with the names...
Please keep them small to cut down on download times.
Ok I will start:
There are times I do feel sorry for my wife!:barf:

Here's me disguised as a medieval blacksmith, obviously forging a knife blade:



Here's an attempt at a pic.

Sorry about the size, but it's one of the few that is what I look like now.
Nice legs Achim! :)

Hey! I see two smiths with thier thumbs on the backs of thier hammers. Stop doing that or you're going to get carple!
Thank you, Tim! That's been bugging me for awhile now. I've even recently seen instructional videos that advised to put your thumb on the back of the hammer for more control, but my doctor freaked out when I asked him about that. I'd hate to see anyone have to retire from smithing in pain from that. Do you know of any sources of writeups on carpel that show this grip as a direct result? I'd like to have a firsthand MD source to refer people to when they don't believe me.
It does give you better control but it stresses out the web between your index and thumb. It sends the shock right up into the elbow and the shoulder. I know of two other full time smiths who have been told by their doctors the same as you Osbourn. I did it for a couple years and it became habit. I got a huge bersie on my elbow popeye would of been proud of. I had to stop forging completely for almost two weeks before it went away. I don't have anything to refer to but just ask around and see what some of the old farts say.
Rob Gunter was the first demonstrator I heard talking about carpal tunnel from the hammer grip. His MD gave him some info on it also.

If I remember right Uri Hoffi teaches usieng the thumb for control. I don't like that at all. Actually I prefer a wider handle, one that fills the hand. I don't want my fingertips to meet the heel of my hand.

There is a good demo on hammer control at
look in the Iforge pages

I'd post a pic of myself but being the handsome devil I am, it would just cause trouble with the ladies:D :eek:
Thanks for the reminder Tim! I hardly ever do any forging so I'm not too worried about it but it is definitely good to keep in mind.
Well with my picture in my signature you can all see how ugly I am so I don't want to scare anybody else with another picture.
Man you guys that forge with BARE LEGS :eek: :eek: have more guts than me.Man it is bad enough when I get my arms burnt and they are kind of used to it by now but not my legs,OUCH.....
my 5 year old son is curious about the smiley faces:rolleyes: :eek: :barf: :D :)

HI, I am Ian (jklsdfrg)

sorry I don't have pictures figured out:confused:
You want ugly? I giffa you ugly. :)
Over at TFL, this is known as the "Scary Bald Guy" look, or SBG for short.