How about D-2 steel?

Oct 8, 1998
I just bought a PUMA WILDTEC folder,
feel good, the steel is D-2.
what do you think about this knife,
and the steel?

One more thing, I saw a German brand:
"Herbertz" today, what kind knives they are?
Famous? good?

I think you may mean HUBERTUS. They make traditional patterns in automatic. They just introduced a tactical version also.
I don't know much about the Puma, but I do know that Bob Dozier has been doing great things with D2 for a long time. His knives seem to hold an edge forever, and they are easy to sharpen when the time comes.
There's currently a discussion about D-2 going on in rec.knives, with many people chiming in to sing its praises. D-2 holds an edge really well. If Dozier's knives are not too difficult to sharpen, it's probably because of great edge geometry rather than the D-2 itself. D-2 is wear resistant, that's why it holds an edge so long, and it will of course be wear resistant on your sharpening stone, too. D-2 also has a reputation as being not quite as tough as many non-stainless steels, but knifemakers are reporting reasonable toughness out of it.

It's a great steel, wouldn't be my top choice for a high-toughness knife, but is a great choice for okay toughness plus great edge holding. Which in my opinion is exactly what you want in a folder, you're not going to be chopping with a folder, right?

Herbertz is not a manufacturer like Puma but rather an importer. Some of the knives have decent quality but most are just plain junk. Besides that they copy famous designs, produce them in far east with a terrible quality and sell them for good money. In other words a total rip off.

If you don't know much about the specific knife you are looking for, I would recommend to stay away from Herbertz.
I have two Herbertz knives. Both were bought in France and both say made in Germany. One is a French designed liner lock and made under license from Laguiole (sp) and the other is a sstandard lockback that looks like a Buck with engraved bolsters and leather covered slabs. I cut myself on the blade of the liner lock when it opened in my pocket. Since then I peened the pivot pin more and the problem seems to have gone away. I'd say the two that I have experience with are about average knives. They are both in rostfrei 440 steel.

Ron Ruppé
Hmm Puma has a folder in D2. Interesting. Did you buy it from an online dealer?


Tom Carey
I bought it in a local store.
it is also available in KnifeCenter,
PUMA wildtec 230248.
What do you think