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How about pictures of those top kamis?

Oct 20, 2000
For some time now, I have been hearing names like Durba, Sanu, Sher, and others.

Can somebody post some pictures of these guys?

Why don't put up a Khukri Hall of Fame with the pictures of these guys and the story behind their fame? That way, everybody will know who made their knives and will learn to appreciate more their khukri purchases.
Hi Golok, Uncle Bill is probably busy finding a new web site that will handle his pics for more than three months, or he would have answered. Any way if you go to the Himalayan Imports web site at
and scroll down to where it says visit the Nepal Kamis click there and you should find pictures of most.(I'm not sure if the exact wording is "visit the" kamis or not but its easy enough to find, big bold letters)
Thanks, Gary, and you're right. Looks like I need a new place to store pix. Another project I don't need.
I disagree! You don't have enough to do! I say you need more, ANOTHER project or TWO sounds just about right!
jim:cool: ;)
You are wrong, Tsimi. Between you and Photopoint I don't have enough time left this weekend to drink a single bottle of Heineken.
AHHH! SALVATION! first no beer, then no cigs.! I can see you are coming around, YOU DO need MORE projects, I can see photopoint being a prob! BUT ME?? Surely you jest!!i'm WHAT THAT NDN,claims to be! I'm just an innocent little lamb!
Which one? The big one, with the tooth that hangs out over her mustache, or the really, really cute little one with the hairy feet???:barf:
These are 3/4 Cousins of Rusty's nurses. They are grads of the nursing school at Our Lady of Lechery, in West Possum Bottom. Nice gals. Three more years, and they will be eligible for VA training.
I think you must kill 10 patients by incompetence or carelessness before you can qualify for VA training. They are not qualified -- yet.
We have one adopted daughter who is not only nice looking, but also flys on a "LifeFlight" whirleybird and is very competent.
And a Nieceling who just got her RN certificate who is also very good.
And a "sister" who is a phlebebotomist(sp?) that's very good and has "stuck" me frequently.:D
One night in particular when I was in the hospital and very sick and they were doing blood cultures on me where blood has to be drawn from both arms she came in to do the sample for the latest blood culture. When she was done she said, "I should have went ahead and drawn some more for the standard blood test since they will be down here wanting some within the hour."
And she was correct. The regular gal in just about an hour came in with a trainee no less and after I was "stuck" once I told her if she wanted any blood from me that she was gonna have to do it since I wasn't getting stuck by someone just learning again.
Hay-ell I didn't have any veins left after what I had been through.

So I know The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.:rolleyes: :p :D