How About Some Pix of Closed Folders

Oct 5, 1998
It seems like most pictures of folding knives in catalogs and on the web only show the knife in the open position. I, for one, would also like to see how it looks closed. How the grind lines mesh with the lines of the handle, compactness, etc. are important to me. Anyone else?
I agree. This is also important to the thumb stud/disc. Sometimes, i feel a knife, and they are so close to the handle that i just have no room to get a good grip (although you can read the reviews here). I usually think the more pictures, the better!
I agree. It was quite a while until I saw a picture of a closed MOD Ladyhawk. It looks like a little football.

Speaking of pictures . Is it appropiate to visit the various knife man (such as benchmade) and copy the jpg files of their knifes. I was interested in doing a data base on knifes with various stats for my personal use. I was considering adding a picture but was not sure if it was legal. Most likely not.